Is Rural Electrification a waste of time?

Boitumelo Sehlake/ May 20, 2019/ Energy Education/ 0 comments

Is rural electrification a waste of time? This is a question that was raised at the African Utility Week Conference 2019 in one of the panel discussions for Future Cities. I have been pondering on this for days now and here are my thoughts: Access to energy/electricity remains a challenge in Africa, we all need electricity to cook, build healthy

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Who are the licence holders for Brulpadda in South Africa?

Boitumelo Sehlake/ February 26, 2019/ Energy Education/ 2 comments

There has been a big hype regarding the gas condensate Total discovered in its Brulpadda prospect offshore South Africa. This has brought so much hope for South Africa however environmentalists are not happy about this finding as it could (according to Green Peace) add to the high CO2 emissions that the country is already emitting through coal. The optimists have

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Why are we experiencing another Petrol Price Increase?

Boitumelo Sehlake/ February 4, 2019/ Energy Education/ 0 comments

Do you ever wonder why we don’t experience more petrol price declines as petrol hike? It seems like we are always getting notifications of yet another fuel/petrol increase than decrease. December 2018 was different, after what seemed like forever, we received good news of lower petrol prices and this helped us enjoy Christmas and the New Year visiting friends and

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South Africa’s Department of Energy Launches an Appliance Energy Calculator App

Boitumelo Sehlake/ May 1, 2018/ Energy Education/ 0 comments

The Department of Energy in South Africa have really taken Energy Efficiency to the next level by launching an Appliance Energy Calculator. The free Appliance Energy Calculator app has been developed by the Department of Energy with support from Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The DoE first launched labeling of Appliances with Energy Efficiency

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Boitumelo Sehlake-A Woman In Energy

Boitumelo Sehlake/ April 23, 2018/ Inspiration/ 0 comments

Hello Energy lover! Allow me to re-introduce my self… My name is Boitumelo Sehlake and I am a Woman in Energy! πŸ™‚ Just here to bring you some Energy education and Energy Efficiency Awareness. Where have I been? As you have realized, I took a sabbatical “time-out” from blogging and from my energy brand. Just got a bit consumed with

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