Is REIPP Programme a solution for job creation, carbon emission elimination and creating a sustainable country?

Boitumelo Sehlake/ January 24, 2017/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

The department of Energy (DoE) held an Integrated Energy Planning process two months ago and eight key objectives were identified. The obejectives are to (1) Ensure security of supply; (2) Minimise the cost of energy; (3) Promote the creation of jobs and localisation; (4) Minimise negative environmental impacts from the energy sector; (5) Promote the conservation of water; (6) Diversify

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Mobile Solar Powered Power Bank: A Review

Boitumelo Sehlake/ January 19, 2017/ Energy Education/ 2 comments

“My battery is running out!!”,  that’s a cry I’ve heard way too much this past festive season. Wouldn’t you agree? We remain glued to our phones like a bee stuck on honey. So much energy is used to make sure we stay connected to with friends, family and colleagues. With people commuting daily with no easy access to electrical ports

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What should you consider before installing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels?

Boitumelo Sehlake/ December 15, 2016/ Advise, Energy Education/ 2 comments

After posting a few Instagram pictures and notes about Solar PV Panels , I realized how many people are hungry for knowledge. Therefore, I’ve decided to write this blog post just to share some of the things I’ve come to learn. Please share, ask questions and lets engage on this topic. More often than not, most people think getting ‘off-grid’

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Places to visit for STEM activities to enjoy with your kids

Boitumelo Sehlake/ November 2, 2016/ Advise/ 0 comments

Fun STEM activities you can enjoy with your kids on weekends and school holidays Children are our future,  there is a big concern regarding the generation coming behind us. The question that worries me is: how well prepared are they to solve the challenges we face today? Technology is changing at a blink of an eye and new scientific research taking place everyday. while

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