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Boitumelo Sehlake/ April 23, 2018/ Inspiration/ 0 comments

Hello Energy lover!

Allow me to re-introduce my self… My name is Boitumelo Sehlake and I am a Woman in Energy! 🙂 Just here to bring you some Energy education and Energy Efficiency Awareness.

Where have I been?

As you have realized, I took a sabbatical “time-out” from blogging and from my energy brand. Just got a bit consumed with finishing off a Masters research project and tackling a new job upstream of the Energy industry. I graduated December 2017 with Master of Science in Engineering Specializing in Oil & Gas Engineering! Yay! Academia life never ends.

I am happy to be back at Boitumelo Sehlake Brand headquarters-haha!  More excited about this second quarter of 2018 with the mix of energy officially being on the cards in South Africa and the increasing Brent Crude Oil price.

Trust me this increase in Brent Crude Oil price is actually good for renewable energy business. Be on the look out for an article in this. I will continue to blog about both Renewable and Non-Renewable energy sources.

Do you have any questions you want me to answer/blog about?

Any questions you have regarding the independent power producers agreement and Exploration and Production of Southern Africa are welcome.

Portia is my other name as seen on the cover page above. A feature in 2015  in the African Scholar Magazine “A young lady’s dream to conquer the Oil industry”

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