Why are we experiencing another Petrol Price Increase?

Boitumelo Sehlake/ February 4, 2019/ Energy Education/ 0 comments

Do you ever wonder why we don’t experience more petrol price declines as petrol hike? It seems like we are always getting notifications of yet another fuel/petrol increase than decrease.

December 2018 was different, after what seemed like forever, we received good news of lower petrol prices and this helped us enjoy Christmas and the New Year visiting friends and family without hurting the pocket.

Now that we’ve recovered the so called “Jan-worry” in South Africa , we are slammed with a petrol price increase.

Unfortunately this has to do with the many factors out of our control, namely:
We import all our crude oil,
We pay marine tax
Rand to Dollar exchange rate (we all know how volatile this has been)
OPEC unrest
demand and supply

This just highlights a few factors that contribute to the fuel price increases and fluctautions we see.

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